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Founded in 1855, the Sears Manufacturing Company pioneered the development of specialist seats for the agricultural, construction and industrial vehicle industries. Upon entering the market Sears immediately established a reputation for supplying technologically advanced products that offered unparalleled comfort and durability. These qualities became the hallmark of a Sears seat, making Sears number one in the off road seating industry, a position which, through progressive innovation, we still proudly hold today.

With more than 60 patents to our name over the years, Sears were the first to design or introduce features such as; adjustable armrests, ‘puck’ type slides, the “Fabriform” pour in place cushion process, mechanical scissors type suspensions and behind and beneath the seat air suspensions plus horizontal and lateral isolation. The Sears low-frequency 1.2Hz suspension was cutting edge technology when introduced in 1987. It was specially designed to absorb the vibrations typical of large tractors and tractors with axle and now cabin suspension. The seat’s low natural frequencies substantially reduce the vibration and jolts experienced by operators. This not only makes for outstanding comfort, but also lets you stay relaxed and alert while working. This was a development our competitors have only recently begun to match.

Innovation in seat ride
Our desire to maintain our technological lead in the off road seating industry has meant that Sears have now introduced an innovative and advanced all new suspension range including Advanced Passive (APS) and Semi-Active and Active versions, which can reduce the frequency rating of our suspensions to less than 0.5Hz. For the operator, this means improved comfort, improved ride performance and even greater reductions of vibration.

Sears seats were the first in the off road industry to undergo extensive ergonomic analysis. Cushion design is assisted by pressure mapping techniques whilst suspension settings are optimised using the six degree axis ride simulator for maximum operator comfort.

Seat function and controls are specified for ease of use in any number of conditions. These specifications are then field tested in the most arduous conditions found in the North American prairies e.g. in the granite quarrying and logging industries. The operators of these machines often spend in excess of 16 hours in the seat. These are the proving grounds of the Sears seat. All our models offer unrivalled comfort. The ergonomically designed, tapered back rest lets you move freely in all working situations, while the wide double depth seat cushions and arm rests optimally support you without restricting your movement. Sears seats can be customize for the ultimate in personal comfort, thanks to the many features for adjusting armrest height, seat angle, seat height and lumbar support.

Sears reputation for durability is well founded as being the only off road seat manufacturer who has for 10 years designed and produced seats, slides and suspensions rated at 5,000 hours for the most demanding of mining conditions. Not satisfied with this, Sears have spent 5 years developing an award winning new seat, for use in the construction industry, rated at 10,000 hours, using materials and processes that are completely new to the off road seating industry – another first for Sears. This experience and know how are built into every Sears seat providing security and peace of mind.